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Mission Statement

 The Project S.T.E.P.  (Sex  Trafficking  Exploitation  Prevention)

The Project S.T.E.P. seeks to provide awareness, education, and prevention of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation. We recognize that the same environment that creates the victim can also create the offender. We teach the offender the impact that Sex Trafficking has on victims, the victim’s family, the offender’s family,  the offender, as well as the impact that it has on the community. 

The Problem 

There is an epidemic that plagues our nation with Sex Trafficking and Exploitation. The ages of the victims and the offenders continue to be younger and the consequences more severe. A lack of education, resources, and awareness prevents society from identifying the victims and offenders.  

The Solution

Bring awareness and education about Sex Trafficking and Exploitation through  The Project S.T.E.P. curriculum. We are committed to educating the offenders about the impact of their crimes. We work with County, State, and Federal Agencies.

Statement of Need

The Project S.T.E.P. will benefit children and adults by bringing awareness and education to those that have victimized others through Sex Trafficking and Exploitation.   

The Project S.T.E.P. will also benefit the offenders and educators by allowing them to interact with law enforcement.   

The Project S.T.E.P. curriculum will feature guest speakers such as Survivors of Trafficking, Ex-Traffickers, Healthcare Professionals, Career Counselors, Law Enforcement, Family Members of Victims, Financial Advisers, Employment Recruiters, and Life Coaches.  

It is the intent of The Project S.T.E.P. to instill empathy within offenders, through a group setting that provides a 20-week curriculum and also hosts guest speakers sharing their personal experience, educating offenders about the impact their crime has upon others as well as themselves.  

The facilitators of The Project S.T.E.P. will advocate awareness for those offenders who have been victimized themselves, by creating a better understanding of the lifelong trauma caused by Sex Trafficking and Exploitation.


 The Project S.T.E.P. does not discriminate against any disability, sexual orientation, sexual identification, race, color, national and ethnic origin.

All the rights, privileges, programs, and activities of The Project S.T.E.P.  are made available to all, regardless of disability, sexual orientation, sexual identification, race, color, national and ethnic origin.